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1 week ago

Cherry Custom Homes, INC.

A few pics of current projects. ...


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That’s what I call progress! Exciting!!😊

Awesome job Scott and Katy!!

Is going to be amazing!!

I live the drive pics. Keep them coming.

U get that drone flying now?

So exciting!!

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1 week ago

Cherry Custom Homes, INC.

Good day today putting up steel that will frame giant window overlooking Horseshoe Bay. Gotta give props to Dw Oxford for having the balls to weld 25 feet off the ground. ...


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All in days work Sir! Anything for Cherry custom homes!

Abraham Santillan

Love it!!

What a view !

G'day Scott what the hell are you building now what ever it is it will have a great view is this on that land you have bought although i dont remember a view like that i don't envy the glazers job is it going to be a single sheet of glass

This rivals building a Hotel. Great Job👏👏

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3 months ago

Cherry Custom Homes, INC.

Beautiful day to pour some mud. Thanks again Kings Concrete. New Home for sale in Mustang Ridge coming soon. ...

Beautiful day to pour some mud. Thanks again Kings Concrete. New Home for sale in Mustang Ridge coming soon.Image attachmentImage attachment

4 months ago

Cherry Custom Homes, INC.

Finishing up 2nd house in 2 weeks. Late nights but having fun. ...

Finishing up 2nd house in 2 weeks. Late nights but having fun.Image attachment


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I’m staining the barn doors in photo. Glad there were no close ups 😊😉 and it is not scratch and sniff!!!!

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4 months ago

Cherry Custom Homes, INC.

Almost complete with this awesome house on Applerock in HSB. Been a great project for great friends. Can’t wait for first party. ...


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Its beautiful. I know your clients are excited to move in. Hope to get invited to the party!!

Scott this is absolutely awesome! Great job

Scott Cherry is an excellent builder

Great house! I have pantry envy!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm coming over!



Great House Cherry Builders👏👏

This is beautiful!!

Beautiful! Can't wait to visit!

I absolutely love it-greatest kitchen !! Tall ceilings and beams and those light fixtures-wow!! Congrats on job 👍

Great job to all 20ut

Yeah but that first step is a doozy lmbo

Suzanne Black Russell 😍

Must of had awesome Subs especially those electricians ⚡️

Dayum! Love the high ceilings and outdoor kitchen!

Am I invited??!

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A graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in Construction Science, Scott Cherry has over 20 years experience in construction and remodeling. Extensive experience including elaborate remodels, custom homes starting at 1,500 square feet, and even commercial construction up to 70,000 square feet, Cherry Custom Homes has the experience you are looking for. Working together with Katy Cherry since 2004, Cherry Custom Homes brings a variety of project experiences together to create the home you have been looking for.

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